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About Traveldek

Making tours memorable!

At Traveldek, we strive to craft tour packages to make sure our customers experience the most.

It all started with a simple train ride which started from the bustling Capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. We boarded ‘UdarataMenike’, the train which carries passengers through the majestic mountains and picturesque landscapes of the Central Province.

Although our seats were already booked, it was more of a ‘foot board’ journey, especially after the train started ascending the hill. As the hustle of the city, gradually faded away behind us, we were entering the misty hills of the Central Province. Why should anybody be deprived of this mind blowing experience?

We are Ijaz, Ikram and Anfaal, three youngsters from Aircraft Engineering, Finance and Credit Management fields.

With the entrepreneurial mindset and the interest to travel and discover the unknown and hidden, we started traveldek. We believe through traveldek, we will be able to open up the secrets of this ‘Pearl of The Indian Ocean’ to the rest of the world.

Traveldek is our version of a dream come true. Being busy with hand crafting itineraries for the needs of different travelers, arranging for comfortable transfers and accommodation along with a touch of locality at everything we do, We enjoy our moments with traveldek.

Our mission is to give our clients an experience to take home. We are geared up to do exactly this with an expert team of experience officers and tour leaders who work hand in hand bring about the experiences we value.

We invite you to join with us where we hope to share our passion and our love for travel, with you!